How CRM Can Help Your Marketing Campaigns Succeed

Marketers have a tough job of creating the right marketing campaigns so that their messages can connect well with their target audiences. Unless you connect well with your audiences, your marketing efforts can go down the drain.

So, what should marketers do to connect effectively with their audiences?

They need to base their marketing campaigns on reliable customer data. If they have the correct data, it becomes easy for the marketers to design marketing campaigns effectively.

But how and from where do you get reliable customer data?

You can get all your customer data from CRM software.

Yes, a CRM system is a powerhouse of customer data.

When we talk of CRM, we generally presume that it is a tool that helps the sales function only. However, that is not the case because a CRM solution can help improve your marketing campaigns as well.

A CRM system organizes your customer data and provides valuable customer insights that can help marketers to create effective marketing campaigns. That is what we explored in one of our previous blog posts – “Organizing Your CRM for Success.”

Let us, therefore, talk about how CRM can help your marketing campaigns – how it helps you learn about your audience – how you can send the right targeted message at the right time, and how it can help you to succeed, analyze and repeat your success.

Learn about your audience

If you want to be successful in marketing, it is crucial to know your audience well. To make your marketing campaign effective, you need to analyze and evaluate your existing and prospect data. Analyzing and dissecting can become a tedious and time-consuming process if you don’t use an appropriate tool.

And without a doubt, CRM software is one of the best tools available in the market to analyze customer data.  A CRM system helps you learn about your audience.

It gives a complete company-wide view of all your customers and prospects. With a CRM system in place, you get all the latest information about your customers and prospects. Marketers don’t have to waste their time searching silos to get the desired information. You have all the customer information – from behavior to buying pattern – right in front of you. CRM stores all the customer and prospect details in one central space, which every team updates regularly. When you have all the valuable customer insights right in front of your eyes, it makes your job easier to reach out to your target audience.

Identifying and segmenting data is a huge task for marketers if they are not using the help of technology. A CRM system helps in identifying and segmenting your data. Whenever there is a change in CRM data, the segments change automatically. CRMs can handle huge data. A CRM solution helps marketers segment data by behavior or preferences, making life easier.

Moreover, it is possible to integrate your CRM with your landing pages and self-service portals. It means you can get to know the needs and preferences of your customers and prospects directly. Also, you don’t need to import or export data manually – it can come to your CRM seamlessly.

Send the Right Targeted Message at the Right Time

If you want to make your marketing campaigns effective, it is crucial to send the right targeted message at the right time to your audience. Your task becomes easier because CRM software segments your audience. When you have segmented your audience, you can send them targeted messages easily.

A CRM system helps you to engage well with your audience. With a CRM system in place, you get to know when the right time is to send your message to your contacts. Also, it allows you to identify behavioral trends, which helps you to change your messages according to the needs of your contacts. As a result, a CRM solution helps you send the right offer to the right customer.

After segmentation, you need to focus on personalizing your marketing messages. However, it is important to understand that the concept of mass marketing is not what you should follow. Your messages should not start with “Hello Friend or Dear Customer.” These days, you need to personalize your communication.

When you have all the information about your customer, you can customize your message to suit his or her needs. The more you personalize your content, the better the response from your customer. It means you can improve your brand perception and boost your revenues. And all this can happen mainly because a CRM solution allows you to know more about your customers.

Succeed, Analyze and Repeat

With a CRM system, you can succeed, analyze, and repeat your success story over and over again.

The more successful campaigns you have under your belt, the more valuable insights your CRM will provide. These valuable insights will help you improve and fine-tune your future campaigns. Your CRM can further improve your segmentation by tracking and utilizing your positive customer/prospect engagements. It means your CRM helps you make improved data-driven decisions.

The insights that you get from CRM data not just helps you attract new customers, but it also allows you to upsell and increase engagement with your existing customers.

A CRM system helps you access your customer’s purchase history. When you launch a new product or feature, you can get to know who among your existing customers would be interested in buying it from you. Targeting existing customers is crucial for your ongoing campaigns, such as email drips. Sending irrelevant emails to your customers can annoy them and put them off. When you put off your customers, your subscribers can unsubscribe from your emails. However, when you personalize your marketing, your customers will keep coming back to you for repeat purchases. 

You constantly need to provide excellent user experience to your customers to beat the competition and retain them. It is vital to make your customers feel important. The more you know them, the better you can serve them. A CRM solution helps you to know your customers better. It allows you to succeed, and you can repeat your success story over and over again.

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