Monthly Archives: November 2015

Helpful Benefits of a CRM

As the Information Age has progressed, there is scarcely a facet of our lives that has not been touched by it. Our homes, businesses, cars, how we date, how we buy and sell things. Why should we expect how we interact with our customers to be any different? Customer contact used to be a simple thing, consisting of three main points of contact: The customer’s … Read More

Brands Worth 1000 Interactions

In today’s business climate, one hears a great deal about “branding.” How can customer relationship management (CRM) software help your company’s branding efforts? A business’s Brand Image is, essentially, what customers consider first and how they feel when they think about that business. For instance, when one hears the name “Coca-Cola,” he or she may not think just about a soft drink, but more about … Read More

Emailers Throw the Perfect Sales Pitch

How are your sales? Could they be better? If you answered yes (and who wouldn’t?), you may want to consider the benefits of integrating email into a Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) software package. “Information is power” is a true phrase in sales just as it is in life. The more information your sales reps have, the more powerful their pitch to your customers. Let’s take … Read More

Now Featuring: Your Top Features!

Once your company has decided to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, what are some of the things it should look for in a software program? First, you will want a piece of software that can easily and quickly help you design a targeted email campaign. Customers have gotten used to communicating with their favorite businesses via email, and expect to receive offers from them. … Read More