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It’s Not About the Bottom Line

Traditionally, most organizations have focused on the numbers: Sales, Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Revenue. Accordingly times have changed, and in today’s socially connected world, this kind of tunnel vision could be a big blunder. In fact, if your business is not taking customer satisfaction seriously, you are most likely missing the proverbial boat. Today’s customer has influence, and smart companies leverage that influence … Read More

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Increasing your CRM’s ROI

If you have a CRM, then you will also have a Return on Investment, more commonly known as ROI. As the Return on Investment reflects the progression and success of your business, it stands to reason that you would want it to be on the incline, rather than the decline. CRM systems: Almost always having a positive return Even if your initial CRM attempts have … Read More

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Calculating Your CRM’s ROI

While CRM systems offer a multitude of benefits, those who do not fully understand them can be skeptical about their potential. One way to evaluate the effectiveness of a CRM system is to calculate the ROI, or Return on Investment, that your CRM will generate. Though some are hesitant to approach this task due to unfamiliarity with the system or lack financial aptitude, it is … Read More

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