Monthly Archives: September 2015

Time to give Customer Engagement a CRM Boost

There’s a plethora of advice out there right now about how to engage your customers. Some say it’s social media. Others say it’s actually taking a step back in time to the more traditional methods of getting on the phone with your customers. Then of course, others say it’s a loyalty program where you recognize the business they provide and the special moments in their … Read More

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Long Term Goals Are Key For Successful CRM Implementation

When planning the implementation of a new CRM for your company, or when bringing your employees on board to implement any program for that matter, think not just about the short run but also how this program will retain its importance in the long run. CRM implementation can require some effort that can take some time on your part, but it can pay off tremendously … Read More

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Key Performance Indicators Keep The Focus

Determining KPIs to measure CRM performance results for your companies’ departments Anyone who knows the true value of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system knows that they are actually geared towards the customer satisfaction. The focal point of the system is to determine how to grow your customer relationships so that you are both satisfied and they continually return to your company in the future. … Read More

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