Key Performance Indicators Keep The Focus

Determining KPIs to measure CRM performance results for your companies’ departments

Anyone who knows the true value of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system knows that they are actually geared towards the customer satisfaction. The focal point of the system is to determine how to grow your customer relationships so that you are both satisfied and they continually return to your company in the future. It is important to determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that measure the CRM performance results for each of your company’s departments. Read on for some helpful information on how to spot them.

CRM’s Built-in Metrics Approach

The CRM systems of today already come with built in analytics tools and dashboards. These help a company better control and manage their customer relations performance. These fully equipped systems are also designed to help the business learn how to improve.

However, it is still important to remember that no two companies are the same. This means that your KPI’s need to be determined according to the specifics for your company. Determine the KPI’s for each department in your company and then choose the most effective CRM solution based on those. Almost 100% of the time, a cloud-based solution is going to the winning choice.

How to Determine KPI’s for Sales

There are a few areas where sales KPIs are critical. These areas are as follows:

  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Health
  • Quality
  • Growth
  • Predictability

Consider concentrating on how to determine these KPIs for sales in your company as it is also important to evaluate the numbers for successful sales processes. This can help you determine where you need to improve and where you are doing the right thing. Determining KPIs will also help enhance your customer shares with customers that are already liking and using your company.

Determining KPIs for Staff Activities

When measuring staff activities, remember not to confuse specific activity with how busy the staff is. Instead, determine the activities that are most beneficial to your company and that increase your sales. Capitalize on those.

As a successful incentive, you want to make sure that the high achievers within your company are recognized with your appreciation. By keeping tabs on the staff members that are your most valuable assets, you can set the bar to help your lower producing employees improve. This can also make recruiting less of a game of chance and more of a science. Inevitably, you will also be able to better measure new hires and cut down on low performance.

Remember again, no two companies are the same, so you need to concentrate on the performance of your own company, not what someone else’s company is doing.

If you want to truly measure your KPIs and determine which CRM system is best for you, then you need to concentrate on determining what your company is accomplishing, instead of focusing on the numbers of others.

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