Monthly Archives: December 2015

Another Satisfied Customer

As consumers, we all have certain basic expectations when exercising our purchasing power. Expectations of the product or service, expectations of the brand and business, and expectations of the complete buying process. Customer satisfaction is the scope of these expectations with regard to a certain product or service. One of the most important ways for an organization to secure higher levels of customer satisfaction is … Read More

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The Business A, B, C, C, C’s

  From the halls of a Fortune 500 Company to the cubicles of a local start-up small business, “C” is not just for “cookie”. Never wanting to downplay the wisdom of the infamous blue muppet/monster who loves all varieties of cookies, but a business is only as happy and successful as a whole set of words that start with the letter “C”. Words like Communication, … Read More

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It’s Not About the Bottom Line

Traditionally, most organizations have focused on the numbers: Sales, Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Revenue. Accordingly times have changed, and in today’s socially connected world, this kind of tunnel vision could be a big blunder. In fact, if your business is not taking customer satisfaction seriously, you are most likely missing the proverbial boat. Today’s customer has influence, and smart companies leverage that influence … Read More

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