The Business A, B, C, C, C’s


From the halls of a Fortune 500 Company to the cubicles of a local start-up small business, “C” is not just for “cookie”. Never wanting to downplay the wisdom of the infamous blue muppet/monster who loves all varieties of cookies, but a business is only as happy and successful as a whole set of words that start with the letter “C”. Words like Communication, CRM, Collaboration and Cloud Computing equip any business with higher market positioning. Let’s take a look at the four capital C’s of congratulatory worthy company!

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is the art of the strengthening and maintaining of a highly valued relationship between a business and its customers, clients and/or patrons. This “C” phrase is first on the list because customer management software is the tool that effectively strengthens and matures communication and collaboration.

CLOUD COMPUTING, which actually helps the effectiveness of a CRM, works in a business’ favor in its many benefits to the CRM software. The best CRM is the best Cloud CRM. Whether it is private or shared web hosting, it is remarkably simple to transfer and/or backup your valuable information on cloud servers. Everything is more:

                                          –   Secure
                                          –   Accessible
                                          –   Safely Stored
                                          –   Backed Up
                                          –   Transferable

Since its inception, the connectivity and accountability of cloud server usage has rapidly become a must-have for data heavy businesses.

COMMUNICATION moves us along with our “C” journey, Cloud based CRM systems connect organizations in more ways than one.

                                         – Inter-Departmental – Department heads and account managers alike can utilize the added channels of communication. The system assembles the channels in one organized and accountable solution that can be accessed by any employee assigned to the specific account(s).
                                        – Customers – External communication is just as important to the health and image of your organization. Consumers hold businesses responsible for the safety of their information as well as the guarantee of excellent service or product you’ve promised them.

COLLABORATION is increased when securing the well-being of an account, from the very beginning as a Lead or Contact. Every piece of information that is entered into cloud based CRM systems pertaining to a specific client can be accessed and tracked by multiple invested employees of your business. People from different teams (i.e. Sales, IT, Finances…) can stay on top of any changes and correspondence that occur. This reduces instances such as repeat calls, prolonged resolutions and the over-looking of any client preferences and specifications.

Don’t cut corners when counting the four capital C’s of corporate success! Contact us today for you free 30 day trial of eZnet CRM!

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