Brands Worth 1000 Interactions

In today’s business climate, one hears a great deal about “branding.” How can customer relationship management (CRM) software help your company’s branding efforts?

A business’s Brand Image is, essentially, what customers consider first and how they feel when they think about that business. For instance, when one hears the name “Coca-Cola,” he or she may not think just about a soft drink, but more about their positive or negative interactions while drinking that beverage. One may think about a reason they developed a strong like or dislike for it.

Similarly, your business has a brand image, and you want to do all you can to control this. As more and more people use social media sites, social media interaction becomes key to branding.

By using cloud based software like eZnet CRM, you learn more about who your typical customers are, and, as a result, to whom you should target your social media marketing campaigns. In this way, you are not wasting your time communicating with people who are not going to be responsive to your company’s messages.

CRM’s for business can also help you handle your interactions with customers, both those that take place in-person and those that take place online. Let’s say that you own a clothing manufacturer. Olive Oyl likes your company on Facebook, then clicks through to purchase a sweater for herself. Unfortunately, when the sweater arrives at her house, she discovers that it’s the wrong size.

Olive Oyl decides to go onto your Facebook site and write, asking for assistance in returning the sweater. Without a CRM, you’d need to rely on an employee to notice this one comment. They would then (hopefully!) figure out how to integrate Olive Oyl’s online persona with the customer record that exists (assuming Olive Oyl used her real name for her online profile, which is not always a safe assumption.) They would then have to figure out a way to get in contact with Olive Oyl to figure out how to make the customer service interaction a success. However, if any of these steps are missed, Olive Oyl is going to hold it against your brand. She won’t care that you had good intentions — all she will notice is that your brand didn’t perform as hoped for.

On the other hand, let’s assume you have a CRM in place that is handling social media interactions. When Olive Oyl comments on your page, your cloud CRM system can notify all involved departments that she’s an existing customer with an issue. An email is sent to the person in charge of customer service, who sees what her order for the sweater was, and he or she can resolve the issue with correctly. A few hours after posting the comment, Olive Oyl’s sweater order has been corrected, she knows what she needs to do to return her sweater, and she is telling her friends about what a great experience she had dealing with your company.

Your customers will form a positive or negative opinion (image) of your brand when they think of your company. With eZnet CRM, you can close some of the gaps that customer interactions can fall into and make sure that the interactions with your customers are as seamless as possible — leading to a better brand image for you!

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