CRM for Cartoons Characters

Even Cartoons Need CRM Software


There’s no job too small and no customer bigger than another when it comes to running a successful business in today’s economy. Yes, you’ll have your VIPs and repeatedly loyal customers, but valuing every dollar invested or spent on your company is part of outstanding customer service.

The same goes for behind the scenes of an organization. The happier your employees, the better resulting product, services and overall brand image! The desire to feel valued and held accountable as part of a team or operation is important. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for business is just as important to its users as it is to the customers affected.

If we can all accept that a yellow sponge in a shorts-set and a pink starfish in swim trunks live out their lives in the sea as part of a thriving community with its own economy, then naturally they’re employers could benefit from eZnetCRM!

Sure it’s a cartoon, but its premise is encouraging; and while oddly hilarious. However, it is comparative to the labor market of reality. Think about it. In this undersea world we have:

  • An employer focused on turning a profit
  • A young and eager line cook/chef showing a deep appreciation for the perfection of the product
  • The competitor always looking to get the competitive advantage
  • The under-achieving cashier who is just there to earn a paycheck


This work environment sound familiar? No matter the size and industry of a business, any staff can operate better when by putting a stronger emphasis on their customer relationships.

The food is clearly a community favorite so what would happen if the owner wanted to put products on the ocean grocery shelves? The ability to keep secure and organized records of all suppliers, distributers and major market clients ensures a more productive work environment.

Backing up and intensifying the security and accessibility of your company with a cloud-based CRM for business will have your workflow improving swimmingly!
Let’s further examine the benefits of cloud CRM software to food industry, retailers and manufacturers.


Mobile Accessibility

Track orders and appointment times and details from anywhere (in the ocean)

Stress-free Employees

The less employees feel overwhelmed when performing the many aspects of daily operations, the more freedom they have to happily represent the company with helpful customer service.

Cost Reduction

With an affordable solution like eZnet CRM, your business is spending less on replenishing operation resources, site expenses and other budgetary limitations.

Inventory Control

Manage your inventory effectively with full order, supply, material and product tracking and coordination.

Record Keeping

Store all documents, reports and pertinent account data in one centralized location that is accessible to you and any employees you delegate specific permissions.
Apparently, computers actually work under the sea, so if cartoons can optimize their work experience with a CRM system, so can you!

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