Myths About CRM

“Change is the only constant in life”, wrote a Greek philosopher Heraclitus around 500 B.C.

So, what has philosophy got to do with Customer Relationship Management or CRM? Not much, except that a system or technology, if adopted or implemented in an organization can only flourish if its workforce is ready to use the same, whole-heartedly. Organizations whose employees have accepted the change, of implementing a CRM system with a positive mindset, are already reaping the benefits of the software and have shown increase in their loyal customer base, better team performances and improved individual achievement.

Why it is then that companies are still finding it difficult to convince their employees to come on board when it comes to implementing a CRM system? The primary reason for this reluctance stems due to the myths that surround the CRM. Some of the most common myths are:

  • Myth – CRM, a complicated proposition

Fact- This is probably the worst fear that surrounds the workforce psyche. You don’t need to be an IT wizard to navigate a CRM system. It is just that you would require to put in some extra effort, an initial hand-holding, the way you did for your computers, laptops and/ or smartphones. On the contrary, modern CRM software are extremely user-friendly and easy to incorporate. Once you get hooked on to a CRM system, you will find working without it very cumbersome.

  • Myth- CRM, a time-consuming affair

Fact- Another myth that has absolutely no basis. It’s no use in adopting technology if it cannot save time, energy and/ or money. But the fact is, CRM allows you to access your data much faster and facilitates updating your customer information. It centralizes your data in one location and gives you more time to concentrate on your present and prospective customers. It also imports your existing contact list thereby consolidating your customer information database.

  • Myth- CRM only benefits the sales team

Fact- Again, one of the most misconceived myths. CRM dose NOT benefit ONLY the sales team. The plethora of reports that are stored in a CRM system and the customer information, along with their history comes in handy during customer interactions and enables the marketing department, support staff and higher-ups in the company to take tactical decisions.

  • Myth- CRM will only benefit the bosses

Facts- This is again a misconceived notion. CRM will help you perform better for the organization and therefore will help you, in conjunction with your bosses, to achieve the core company objectives of customer satisfaction and increased revenues.

  • Myth- CRM can perform miracles overnight

Fact- Normally, miracles do not happen every now and then. Implementation of technology should always be in phased manner, and CRM is no different.

CRM is here to stay, take your workforce into confidence and explain the benefits, a system like eZnetCRM will have on them as well as their organization, if they are ready to change and come out of their comfort zones to embrace CRM.

Whether you are a professional painter, women’s health care provider, or Orlando plumber, managing your contacts, prospects and client lists is the best way to keep your business thriving for years to come.

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