Pioneering Industry Mobility: Your Mobile CRM Solutions

More often than not we see the back cover of an iPhone case than the details of the human face behind it. We are glued to our mobile devices. But can you blame us?

In the palm of our hand we hold the world’s information. It’s the power of knowledge and those who can access it most easily have the fastest route to power.

Power, in any industry, is central to success. It helps your business stake its claim in brand trust. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) gives your business power in brand trust. However, is your CRM mobile friendly? Are you ready to pioneer your industry towards mobile CRM solutions?

With a mobile CRM all the relevant information is on their fingertips- from up selling and cross selling to quotes and more, none of your team members would ever have to repeat these words- “I will get back to you on this”.


Is mobility really that important?

Unsurprisingly, it is just a matter of time when mobile internet usage permanently takes over our fixed line access – a prediction Mary Meeker, a tech analyst, has been advocating since 2008. Though, for a brief period the two changed ends last year in October when the global desktop browsing dropped to 48.7% in comparison to the mobile and tablets’ share, which shot up to 51.3%. An unthinkable scenario to fathom, a decade earlier.

According to Meeker, 13% of the total internet traffic originated from mobile devices in 2012, which is an impressive increase from just 1% in 2009.

With the internet usage from mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablets, finally overtaking the desktop, the importance of mobile CRM solutions requires no further ratification. As the market becomes more competitive, adopting a mobile CRM is the only way forward for organizations to enhance the productivity of their sales reps and customer satisfaction.

Does your business really need mobile CRM solutions?

In short, yes. Mobile CRM aids your sales team and all those executives who are on the move and need access to the central database to better serve their prospective and current customers. Your reps can access it either through a cloud CRM via the internet or with a mobile CRM application which can be downloaded on their smartphones or tablets.

Adopting mobile CRM solutions not only increases the use of the software but it can also enhance the productivity of your employees by as high as 15%. It is therefore not surprising to note that those using mobile CRM accomplish results better than their counterparts who don’t use it.

Research by Innoppl Technologies shows that 65% of sales employees working in organizations, who adopted a mobile CRM, achieved their targets. Only 22% of organizations were able to accomplish their targets in organizations without a mobile CRM.

Moreover, now a staggering 81% of users access their CRM platform from more than one device. Mobile CRM increases overall engagement because it increases overall accessibility.

mobile crm solutions

What are the benefits of mobile CRM solutions?

Sales are the backbone of every industry. Revenue and profitability comes from sales and without adequate support, sales can fall short. Don’t let your sales suffer because of limited access to appropriate tools.

Here are 5 reasons your company should adopt mobile CRM solutions:

1. Provide real time information to your sales team.

A mobile CRM gives your sales team access to the central database providing every bit of information they need on the go. From account history to product purchase and most importantly, the current information on pricing, your reps get real-time data which helps them to better prepare themselves for every sales call.

Organizations these days allow their employees to work while on the move or finish their job after their usual office hours from outside. With a mobile CRM you can document the details while in hand which can be accessed by everyone in the team instantly.

Also, customer interactions can be uploaded in the mobile CRM on location, or from a place of your convenience, which instantaneously gets shared with the entire team. Even if the rep is not in office and you get a call from your customer. Anybody can handle the query as the relevant details have already been logged into the CRM.

2. Make your sales team more productive.

We now know that the sales force of organizations who have already implemented mobile CRM are more productive. This is because they have all the information they need at their fingertips and they don’t have to rush back to offices for small queries and clarifications.

They can also utilize their time more efficiently. While waiting for a meeting with a client, your reps can finish off their data entry work. They don’t have to be in the office to do their other routine jobs. They virtually carry their office with them. This gives them more time to concentrate on the job they are meant to do- selling.

3. Help your sales team sell more.

Statistics show that sales reps of organizations who have successfully implemented mobile CRM are able to complete their sales more efficiently. Your reps will have client conversation and contact information regarding customers’ purchase history. This saves a lot of time as the sales rep can instantaneously strike a meaningful interaction with the prospect or an existing customer. Reps can more credibly put forth their point, which helps convince the customer faster. Your reps won’t have to call on the customer several times to close a deal.

4. Create shorter sales cycles with more prospects.

When your sales force becomes efficient and starts closing deals faster, they get more time to work on fresh opportunities. A mobile CRM shortens the sales cycle, thus helping reps look for greener pastures, therefore increasing revenue for your organization and helping themselves earn more incentives. From availability of inventory to current pricing structure, you can customize your mobile CRM solutions to suit the needs of your sales force.

5. Improves customer satisfaction.

The moment your sales rep closes a sale, he or she can place the order on their mobile CRM from that location. As soon as the order is placed, its dispatch can be prepared, planned, and executed. There is no delay in the process of dispatch. The customer receives his or her order sooner than anticipated, which amounts to better services. This enhances your customer’s satisfaction and can bring you repeat business.

mobile crm solutions

eZnet CRM is the tool your sales team needs. If your sales team needs it, so does your entire business. Adaptation is the key to any business and mobility is the one every industry is facing right now. Are you ready to be a mobile pioneer of your industry?

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