Customer Relationships Matter

You Can’t C.R.M without the “R”


The eZnet CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, by way of the Virtual Stacks developers, is only as good as the information you feed it. The successful running of any business involves the cultivating of professional contacts, connections and networks. Once those connections become mutually beneficial relationships, your network is forged or simply grows.

A cloud based CRM system is a business tool that stores all interactions and updates to every customer account throughout the entire relationship. The cloud setting enables it to be accessed from anywhere internet connectivity is available. This is a handy commodity for the executive on the go!


Scenario Time!

When the customer was just a lead, they asked that all correspondence be via email, never telephone. With a properly maintained CRM for business, every user permitted access to the customer’s account log can be held accountable for knowing this information and abide by it.


Logging all information involving a single client gives unmistakable leverage in maintaining higher customer satisfaction rates. The more data entered into the CRM, the better the relationship management no matter which internal department a customer communicates with or vice versa. Fewer mistakes occur with everyone is on one accord.


It’s In the Details

With so much competition in most markets, to a customer, it is the little things that count. Remembering the birthday of your customer’s point of contact, sending a fruit basket for example, says your organization listens, cares and ultimately won’t let them down. The key is sustainable customer satisfaction. Other than for VIP accounts, there is no need to deplete your budget trying to please everyone. All you simply have to be is:

  • Attentive
  • Available
  • Trustworthy
  • Considerate
  • Professional

If your customers feel they can ‘walk all over you’ or take advantage of your relationship, then you may want to evaluate your management of the account. Not just for your sanity but for a maintainable balance with all other customers.

Reliability Means…

Every consumer, whether in a B2B or B2C capacity, is looking for reliable service from a business they purchase from or carry out any business with. They are looking for the openness of a professional relationship where every transaction is recorded and can be reviewed at any time by the appropriate parties. Customers also expect a certain level of reliability paired with integrity.

Reliability and accountability go hand in hand when your customers are concerned. They need the ability to hold you accountable for the actions on your end of the business deal. They also need to know that your promise of accountability is a reliable one. This is particularly important when your business relationship is part of a supply chain they depend on.

The better the relationship with your customers, the better the relationship with your own success!

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