Graduate Customers with CRM

Just because there is no cap and gown for every time you graduate a contact from one Sales Conversion Process step to the next, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate like it. Every time a sales professional or business development manager turns a lead into an opportunity, or an opportunity to a customer, it is like being commissioned literally and figuratively.


Let’s graduate to a better customer relationship strategy together!


Converting a prospect is the result of hard work and perseverance. It is also a culmination of learning, listening and maturing through human connections. Just like in school, we use tools to aid our advancement and ensure optimal success. A cloud based CRM is like the class binder that holds your past works, current drafts and future assignments.


Lead to Opportunity to Customer

With a CRM for business, every advantage used when converting a lead to an opportunity or potential customer can be tracked. All communication related to a specific account can be entered and updated by any user. These diminish the chances of:


  1. Repetitive Account Activity & Correspondence
    • No matter the size of the company, there are usually more than one pair of eyes accessing specific account activity and records.
    • A cloud-based customer relationship management solution allows a user to see the most current, up-to-date log of activity.


  1. Missed Opportunities
    • An effectively used CRM draws attention to multiple avenues for conversion. Don’t let a lack of CRM Structuring hinder your forward momentum.
    • It is in the little things that a client feels comfortable entrusting you. Remembering Calendar events, Retirements & Promotions, Special Occasions & more lets CRM users stay ahead of the competition by remaining proactive.


  1. Mobility Restraints
    • Travel wherever & whenever while still having access to your clients if they need you. Busy executives can’t afford to be stationary in 2016.
    • Versatile CRM applications are best utilized in a cloud based solution.


  1. Poor Customer Service
    • The “Relationship” part of Customer RELATIONSHIP Management is extremely important as its effective maintenance ensures an increase in customer value and brand value.
    • No customer wants to repeat themselves every time they are directed to another department, especially if they are already frustrated. No matter how long in between correspondence or who was spoken to, all notes, data and files are saved and recorded in the CRM for optimal customer service over time.


  1. Missing Account Data & Documents
    • Files don’t get lost in one of 50 folders across 10 modules, taking up valuable time searching.
    • Fully customizable categorization allows for every user to make their dashboard just how they want it.


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