Don’t Diss Your Doers


MLK Jr. Strived for Accountability & Equality

This week is all about recognition and honoring someone who was held accountable and rose to the occasion many times. This week America, and many others around the world to be honest, diverted a portion of its attention to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr on the National Holiday. One of his major points of discussion focused on holding the right people accountable for the events occurring around him. Whether the events and actions were positive or negative, he reminded the world how much better things can be when working together inspires effective and productive outcomes.

Even though your employees may not necessarily be in line for a national day in their honor, you can still recognize the greatness they bring to your organization. When you incorporate a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, your ability to track and assess the productivity of your teams makes it easier for you to acknowledge the standout players.

Increasing internal accountability is a treasure that no manager, owner or entrepreneur can afford to ignore hunting. eZnet CRM has multiple modules that help the workflow of its users with the daily operation of business. When an account is created within a CRM for business, or an action is set to be carried out, each step can be assigned to specific Users or Groups of Users. Within eZnetCRM, Users are your employees or stakeholders. You can create a group of users that forms a special team of coworkers from various departments, an entire department, or any other collection you feel would be sufficient in completing all tasks. For example, perhaps your project manager needs a team consisting of your best salesperson, HR consultant, business analyst and content writer. Assigning projects to specific Users or Groups can:

    o Showcase the productivity of individuals as part of a team
    o Show how well certain people work together to complete tasks
    o Who is going the extra mile
    o Who is not holding up their end of tasks
    o How efficiently different user groupings work

Not every employee or stakeholder needs access to every aspect of every account. Permissions can be controlled by your company’s designated System Admin personnel. Sometimes, too many cooks in the kitchen can lead to disorder and overcooked solutions. It is in the best interest of your business and customers to keep a tight leash on the permissions given regarding people’s personal information or private account credentials. There is no need for your entire facilities department to be able to view and make changes to the marketing strategy campaign of a major client.

External Accountability
Don’t forget the affect a cloud CRM can have from the external vantage point. Your customers should feel their information is secure and well managed based on how on top of all communication your company is. Also, with the assurance of full and regular analysis of your organizational skills and the methodology that your company adheres to. Every one of us wants to feel comfortable with the level of attention we receive from the businesses that we invest our time and/or money in.

Customers put a great deal of faith in a business that even though not every business activity to occur is discussed with them on a daily basis, the right thing is being done for the mutual greater good. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.”

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