Data Do Rights

Tips to Your Data Do’s

No matter what you call it,

– Data
– Metrics
– Information
– Hieroglyphics
– Knowledge Capital

…the records you accumulate on consumers, especially those you have begun to call customers, are valuable and should be used as the doorway into long lasting customer satisfaction! The best way to keep track of and store your business’ data is with the use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. You can spreadsheet your way into the end of another work week, but how accessible is it? Technology moves us forward as a species of thinkers with opposable thumbs; so let’s put those two good thumbs to good use!

Here we go! Your ‘Data Do Rights’ are those positive ideas and progressive movements that bring your information to the forefront in the race for successful daily operation. Incorporating these 5 tips into your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will increase your customer approval rate and employee productivity tenfold!

1. Impulse Importing

Don’t think, just import! Once you’ve chosen the best cloud-based CRM solution for your business, start consolidating the data. One of the greatest aspects of using a CRM is the centralization of all account information. No matter the department or interested internal user, all

    o Updates
    o Proposals
    o Documents
    o Opportunities
    o Correspondence

…are kept in one location for the reduction of miscommunication or duplicate data or worse, duplicated actions!

2. Train Your Brain

Did you know that doing the same thing for 2 to 3 weeks will condition your mind or body to accept the new activity or way of thinking on an almost subconscious level? It’s true! The more repetition of an activity means the more comfortable you will be carrying it out. It’s a pretty obvious concept sure, but it works! If everyone in your organization starts to use your implemented cloud-based CRM regularly, it will soon be second nature.

3. There IS a Right or Wrong

Using CRM software can be integral to the sales forecasts and generated reports helping to move your business into the growth sector. The only way for these to be effective tools is for the data gathered to be precise, up to date and most importantly, accurate. The more added, imported and tracked by your CRM, the more accuracy. The functionality eZnet CRM provides assists the accuracy and effective organization of your data with capabilities like No Duplicate Entry. You won’t be adding John Smith 3 times unless you actually encounter three separate John Smiths with varying credentials, metrics and provisions. As someone who grew up with 3 friends named Anna, nothing is too complicated to decipher when it really matters!

4. Accountable Rules!

Whether you feel girls rule while boys drool or vice versa, the real #1 rule is who should be held accountable. With a CRM, you can assign users to various tasks or to groups designated as project teams. Any CRM user that your company’s system administrator deems in need of any pertinent customer information or task management capability can be allowed permissions to the information. This helps you:

o Solidify security and the safe storage of private or valuable customer data.

o Hold specific users accountable for any account activity; reducing wild goose chases.

o Customers are not given the run-a-round when locating representatives of your business.

5. Cloudy Days are A-Okay!

Cloud computing is the ingenious mode of information travel that connects the world beyond just the business arena. Mobility is and accessibility rises to its most efficient and productive heights when systems are cloud-based. Cloud servers diminish the need of outdated external hardware and add to the eco-friendly footprint of any organization. The benefits of moving, or adding, your data to a private or shared cloud are as hard to count the vast amount of clouds in the skies!

Trust these tidbits to catapult your organization’s development through the roof and make your data reporting enrichment seamless.

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