Segmentation Not Segregation!

Sometimes segmentation is a good thing. February sparks thoughts of love, Super Bowls and big name award shows. It also invites a time of reflection and recognition of influential African American contributions to the human race per Black History Month. Even though the laws and practices with regard to grouping individuals based on their characteristics have changed over the years (thankfully), sometimes it can be validated. For a business to become successful in reaching its target market, it has to know how to REALLY reach that target audience. Segregation is a debate for another article but segmentation is the name of our game!

Anyone can gather demographics for his or her desired consumer, but only a smart business professional uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to organize that data. Customer Segmentation occurs when those demographics, such as the following listed, are collected to set up appropriate marketing strategies:

      • Age
      • Creed
      • Gender
      • Location
      • Consumer Behavior
      • A whole lot more!

Consumers are grouped based on the very things that make them unique. This allows a business to create the more effective campaigns and strategies that potential customers will take notice of. For instance, there is no point in advertising your new “Comic Book Lovers” dating website to a married man who hates all things cartoon.

Content Matters

eZnet CRM uses top notch features to keep account records and activity highly monitored and easy to locate. Every move is tracked and potentially analyzed by coworkers, peers and assigning superiors that have some stake in the well-organized information. Data analysis is a key component to the successful management of customer accounts. The harder it is to find the trends, the greater the potential to miss key indicators.

With content being such an integral part of any branding or operation strategies, having the most pertinent and comprehensive consumer data at your fingertips is a necessity. Content management is increased ten-fold when a cloud-based CRM for business is utilized during every day operation. Sometimes it is better to be a Know-It-All:

    1. Know what vernacular to use with a specific demographic
    2. Know what obstacles your competitors or predecessors faced
    3. Know the feedback from your previous strategies or products
    4. Know the groups Influencers
    5. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each demographic

It is not enough to simply write the engaging content, you have to deliver it to the right ears. However, be mindful of the motives and stereotypes you use to create these segments. You can avoid negative reviews, stereotyping backlash or wasted investments when you remember that no matter the demographic differences, we are all the same.

Let eZnet CRM help you coordinate and align your perfect consumer segments starting with a FREE 30 day trial version! Call us today no matter your own demographics!

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