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What’s your favorite song? If you have one, does that mean all other songs are less important? It’s unlikely that this is the case. With the rapid influx of songs and new artists coming from every direction and spreading faster than wildfires, thanks to the internet, there is a song for every mood, every thought. In broader terms, there is a product for every consumer. The key to successful market positioning is the perks, benefits and features associated with that can make the difference. Keep track of what your targeted consumers are saying and buying with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for business. What is important and trending to them becomes vital brainstorming and innovation rich planning.

These days, it is next to impossible to name one song as your favorite when there are so many genres, topics and beats or melodies that reflect your current mood or exact situation. Music streaming and distribution companies have created the option to organize your songs, artists and albums into playlists. They recognized, and capitalized on, one task that consumers seemed to need; personal organization capability.

Consider This…

Over time, the music industry has listened and heard what music lovers, especially the ones buying the music, have been expressing.


  • For decades, people have been wishing they could purchase music per song and not an entire album all at once. Done. Now we have every song streaming in mp3 or other digital form throughout the entire world. Yes album sales dropped, but that is what happens when technology gets a hold of your industry!
  • With each new music listening/playing technical advancement, listeners have gotten closer to being able to play their song selection on hand, not after waiting until your favorite song comes back around or having to skip forward with the old pause-fast forward-pause-play-repeat method!


Now Consider This…


  • Much like with the Per-Song purchasing capability, your business should be aware of the features and capabilities that your product or services can offer to make it stand apart from its predecessors or competitors. A cloud-based CRM solution can help track and analyze the trends of your customers to better adhere to their silent, or loudly expressed, options.
  • Give your employees the gift of organization and your customers the gift of accountability with the help of a CRM! Arranging all information, from tasks and events to order history and B2C correspondence, creates a more productive and influential business relationship.


The ingenious music industry strategy is most likely due to someone recognizing the growth potential by analyzing consumer behavior. The key to attracting targeted consumers rested in the ability to organize one’s music library; much like what a cloud based CRM does for business professionals and their client accounts. An effective organizational tool goes a long way in customer satisfaction.

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