Social Media Loved Women’s Day

Women’s Day rocked its 2016 Trending!

International Women’s Day just passed us by and like every ‘barely there’ holiday, we were left wondering “Is that really a ‘thing’?” To answer that question; you bet it is! March 8th has been deemed the special day honoring all things great about the female sex since the early 1900’s. Yet how is that most people have never heard of it until 2016? To answer that question; social media and stronger digital marketing campaigns.

Imagine the exposure National Frozen Food Day (March 6th) or Middle Name Pride Day (March 10th) could gain from a better digital marketing strategy! Social media sites were abuzz with the pictures and/or quotations of prominent women throughout history. Did you know that the current First Lady of The United States (FLOTUS) of America is the first FLOTUS to hold two Ivy League degrees? Impressive! How did we know this tidbit? Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tublr told us!

Social Media CRM

Use a cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to make your customer experience an engaged and productive one. Adding your Social Media accounts to the communication channels managed through your CRM for business will increase your company’s exposure and virtual reach. Your product, cause or services will see benefits such as:

  • Immediate feedback, commentary, reviews and ideas for engaging and relevant content that your target market actually cares about. Learn them so they will be receptive to learn you!
  • Marketing through social media accounts is, for the most part, free! Your audience will grow and eventually be eager to participate in the online activity you cultivate.
  • Added traffic to your company’s website will bring in substantial business opportunities and potential leads.
  • With the help of your CRM software, you can cultivate your customer relationships with lasting, stronger connections.
  • You won’t miss the opportunities of capitalizing on trending topics. For instance, honoring the women of your profession or simply women in general this past International Women’s Day in a way that people were impressed and intrigued by who your business is.

There is also the added perk of handling all social media accounts from one cloud solution from an internal standpoint. Employees will be grateful for the ease of operation without the added back and forth. When something changes that affects your clientele, simply share it with them instantly! With eZnet CRM, your target consumers and established customers alike will see a constant reminder of the connectivity and accountability achieved by your organization.

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