What’s in a Name

What’s in a Lead?


“Just a name, just give me one name and I’ll make all of your dreams come true!”

Sometimes the attitudes surrounding Lead Generation can seem like an uphill battle in search of a contact you can make a connection with. As a sales and/or marketing professional, your efforts reach far and wide to bring consumers to your business and turn them into customers. Whether you can be found surfing the metrics of your target market or you’re found testing your surf board in new, untapped waters, you need a place to secure your uncovered treasures. Cue the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system!

Entrusting your leads and opportunities to a cloud based CRM solution is the best decision you can make. Multitasking is the name of the game for both sales and client services departments. A CRM for business will help you master your multitasking by:

  • Providing a container for storing generated Leads
  • Categorizing the various stages of each Lead
  • Alerting any changes made to an account from any internal user permitted
  • Creating an easy conversion process from Lead to Opportunity to Customer


Contact is Key

We asked what is in a name and we meant it! The strength and size of your contacts list plays a key role in the effectiveness of how you grow your business. Collecting names like souvenirs of your travels across the various markets of the global marketplace.

Now more than ever that global marketplace is easy to traverse and that means there is more information to hold on to. Collected data can be accessed at the drop of a hat by any permitted user anywhere with the cloud based eZnet CRM.


My Kingdom for a Name

Once you’ve gotten that illustrious name and you’ve made contact with your contact, there is still work to be done. Your Lead’s name is merely a foot in the door. Your business now has an account to nurture and build a lasting relationship with. A name potentially means:

  • A customer to satisfy- Customer Satisfaction is a measure of how you well or poorly your organization meets their needs.
  • A customer’s loyalty to gain – Customer Loyalty is the probability of a customer returning to your business with their purchasing power.
  • A customer’s perception to channel – Customer Perception refers to their impression and appreciation of your business and what you can do for them.
  • A customer to be valued by – Customer Value is a measure of both the actual and perceived worth a customer places in your organization.

The best way to achieve the success you hope for from the initial Lead names to the lasting business relationships you create with those names, is the implementation of a quality CRM solution for business like eZnet CRM.


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